Where Time Machines Cannot Take Us

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Where Time Machines Cannot Take Us

Why do we dread starting and ending?

What is between the here and there?

The “in-between” is everywhere: creative or work projects, writing a resume, going out for the evening, quitting smoking…any task whether active or passive.

Each of us reacts to it in our own way: a dead stop, procrastination, hesitation, digging our heels, avoidance or, perhaps, rising to the challenge.

What does in-between feel like?

The in-between is different for each of us who struggles with it: An open field fraught with attacks from the sky. A swamp of sinking despair. An empty eternity. A dense dark forest…suffocating, trapping.

Even though we know that we must go through the in-between, we yearn for that time machine so we don’t have to traverse it. Wanting to be already there.

I used to want this, too. Then I learned that encountering the in-between is what helps me become the person that can get to my destination and embrace what I meet there…a life goal, a way of being or an outlook. And once there, I will be all-the-more-ready for my next journey.

A time machine can take us to our destination. But it cannot take us to inner depths where we live. It cannot take us through the present moments where we meet ourselves…and others. It cannot give us their caring or witnessing or allow them to help us discover ourselves.

A time machine turns all of these lived moments into a past. It stops us from experiencing life which can only happen through the portal of the present.

A time machine would rob us of our lives. Because the in-between is what we call Life.

What is your personal experience of the in-between? What is your response to it? Does your response stop you from starting or ending?

5 thoughts on “Where Time Machines Cannot Take Us

  1. I so agree that the in-between is our life! I tell the kids I care for (and their parents) that it is the process and not the destination that counts when learning something. We are in a constant state of learning and that is life! Well done!

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  2. You are absolutely right Kusum. Life is about the journey and not the destination. We should all be more aware of the journey.
    A great post and good to meet you. Thank you for providing such food for thought and I’ll drop by again. x


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